Dr. Arne Drews

publishes for charity about culture and people of Nepal.

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Dr. Arne Drews, born 1970:
I live and work as a pulmonologist (lung doctor) in Grimma, Germany. I am married and have three children. Since I first travelled to India, Sikkim and Nepal in 1992 the people of the Himalayas have never left my thoughts. The contrasts of gorgeous pagodas or palaces and the extreme poverty of the majority of the people have never failed to touch my heart.

In the year 2000 my friends and I founded our charity organization Nepalmed and in 2020 the Nepalmed foundation. Our goal is to help provide health care especially in remote areas of Nepal. Since the beginning I have been the chairman of both organizations. Since then we have successfully completed innumerable projects with our Nepalese and western partners.

In recognition of the voluntary work of Nepalmed, I was invited by German federal president Gauck in 2015. I received honors by the German Nepal Friendship Association and the Saxonian Medical Council. In 2023 I received the Swasthya Khabar Health Award in Nepal, being the first foreigner.

NEW Greed

Patients die under unclear circumstances. In his fifth case, Inspector Sanjit investigates illegal trade in counterfeit drugs.

The fifth Nepal crime novel by Arne Drews is set in the pharmaceutical scene and deals with corruption and fraud. ed Along the way, the reader learns about the latest developments in the country, such as the new health insurance law or the unsuccessful introduction of the horn ban.



Nepal Projects

Nepalmed is a registered non-profit organization which was founded in Grimma, Germany on the 30th August 2000. Nepalmed’s goals are supporting Nepalese activities in the field of health care, general and professional education, regards of women, science, research, culture and economy. We concentrate on establishing health care in remote areas.


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